Cocktail Menu

Cold Snacks waiter served

Cucumber Boats with a Caribbean Beef Salad

Lemon Grass Prawns with a Sweet Chili dip

Fresh Oyster with a tomato, chilli and Coriander Salsa

Prawn Spring roll with a dipping sauce

Mini Crab cakes with a coriander paste

Grilled Prawn served in a Banana Cone with Tequila Mayonnaise

Hickory Ham, Pine nut mini wrap with a thousand island dressing and banana leaf ribbon

Salt and Pepper Fried Squid in a paper cone

Herbed Tuille with a scallop mousse

Miniature Bouillabaisse shells with rouille

Sashimi Tuna and daikon Radish wrapped in crispy soba noodles

Baby Sang Choy boa with pork and water chestnuts

Caribbean Chicken salad on Tempura and Coconut Fritter with Green Mango Salsa

Crab and Baby Corn salsa in Husk Boats

Nori Salad Rolls with Marinated vegetables and peanut paste

Martini avo Ritz cocktail

Mini Lobster canapé with Lime Mayo

Scallops grilled in Shell with Lemon Thyme

Barbequed duck and nectarine Salad in Wanton Cups

Sesame and Wasabi-crusted Tuna Cubes

Waiter served

Main Meal served in Small Chinese Bowls

BBQ Pork and Chicken and vegetable stir fry with coconut milk and coriander

BBQ Sweet Chili Seafood on Banana Leaves

Beer Battered Fish Strips with mini Potato wedges in Grease Proof Cones

Summer Seafood Marinara with Shell Pasta

Seafood Risotto

Coconut Beef and Basmati Rice

Cashew and Pork Stir fry with Noodles

Chicken with Sweet Chili Peanuts

Trio of Satay

Beef and Peanut

Chicken Sweet and Sour

Pork Sweet Chili

Waiter served Dessert

Blueberry Pancakes mango and Passion fruit butter served on a Sugar Crusted Pineapple Slice Melon, Litchi

and Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Mini Pine and Passion Fruit Cheese Cakes served in Granadilla Shells

Coconut sorbet and Mango sauce served in a Martini Glass or Baby Papino

Tropical Mini Fruit Tartlets

Mini Summer Fruit Pavlova with Clotted Cream and Sugar Crystals

Strawberry Liqueur Crème Caramel in a Shooter Glass

Panna-Cotta with a Kiwi Fruit Coullis