Manager’s Buffet

Managers Buffet


Angry Chicken – tender fillets of boneless chicken tossed with lychees and red Thai curry

Grilled, boneless chicken breasts – served with rosemary and grilled lemon, or a Peri-Peri rub

Coq au vin – tender pieces of chicken gently braised in red wine with bacon, mushroom & onion

Italian chicken – tender fillets coated with a fresh tomato & basil sauce

Chicken Korma – succulent chicken cuts, braised in a lightly spiced almond and yoghurt sauce

Chicken curry – a warming Indian style curry gently flavoured with aromatic spices

Chicken a ‘la King – an old favourite, prepared to an old family recipe

Oriental Chicken – tender chicken fillets prepared with fresh lime & chilli

Thai Green Chicken Curry – fillets of boneless chicken, enlivened with ginger, chilli, lemon grass and fresh chopped coriander

Chicken Cacciatore – tender cuts of chicken braised in a forest sauce of tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, wild herbs and red wine with a hint of garlic

Chicken & Feta Parcels – feta encased with tender chicken fillet, delicately infused with dill, coated with a fresh tomato sauce


Bourguignonne – tender cubes of prime beef braised in a rich red wine, mushroom, bacon and onion sauce

Stroganoff – strips of tender beef fillet sautéed with onions, mushrooms, and green peppers and finished with sour cream – Please be advised that our Stroganoff carries a

Curry – a mildly spiced, aromatic Indian curry

Casserole – cubes of beef slowly oven-baked in a rich sauce with seasonal vegetables

Hungarian Goulash – hearty stew flavoured with paprika, red peppers & cubed potatoes

Bobotie – the favourite traditional Cape Malay delicacy, slightly sweetened, lightly curried minced beef topped with an egg custard, traditionally served on saffron rice

Chili con Carne – ground beef with red kidney beans, simmered with onions, tomatoes and fresh chilli

Rare roasted beef fillet – sliced and presented with a rich pinotage and fresh herb jus


Lamb & Tomato Bredie

Moroccan Lamb – tender cubes of lamb, gently braised with apricots, sultanas and chickpeas, aromatically flavoured with cumin and coriander

Cranberry Lamb Casserole – cubed leg of lamb slowly oven baked with cranberries


Home-made Italian Lasagne – layers of pasta between creamy white sauce and your choice of meat, chicken or vegetable ragout

Ricotta & Spinach filled Cannelloni – glazed with a creamy white wine sauce

Penne – with Basil pesto and topped with toasted pine nuts


Fish Tagine – with a blend of North African spices

Grilled Salmon – with chilli and lime sauce

Grilled Kingklip Fillets – lightly grilled fillets of deep ocean Kingklip, topped with zesty lemon butter 

Country Style baked hake fillets

Hake Provencal – grilled fillets of deep water hake served with a with tomato, white wine and olive sauce

Salad Sides

Curry bean salad with yellow sliced peaches

Three bean salad

Summer Coleslaw – coleslaw with pineapple, red pepper & cucumber

Waldorf – red & green apples, sliced Celery, chopped walnuts in a mayo dressing

Pear & Blue Cheese – finished with a light sour cream whip

Greek salad

Curried carrot salad

Caprese Pasta – Penne tossed with baby tomatos, mozzarella, tossed in a Basil pesto dressing

Pasta Napoli – with a Napolitana base sauce and mixed vegetables

Curry Noodle & yellow cling peaches

Three Cheese Pasta – Done with a light Vinaigrette, olives, mozzarella, feta & cheddar cheeses

Creamy Potato Salad

German Potato Salad – Baby potatoes bound in a sour cream dressing with crispy bacon bits, chopped gherkin and chives

Brown Rice & Lentil

Tomato, onion & sweet pepper salad – with a creamy dressing

Corn, red-pepper & pickle onion salad

Chickpea salad – done with a tomato salsa & corn

All items listed are subject to seasonal availability

Vegetable Sides

Beans Niçoise – beans done with bacon, chopped onion and a touch of garlic

Beans Almandine – with chopped onion & slivered toasted almonds

Carrots Lyonnaise – fresh carrots with chopped onion & dill

Carrots a ‘la orange – glazed carrots gently flavoured with orange zest

Fresh sliced carrots – with a parsley butter sauce

Cauliflower cheese

Indian-Style Cauliflower – lightly seasoned with cumin & curry, garnished with green peas

Broccoli with Spicy Chickpea Sauce – best with Lamb/Chicken

Braised Red Cabbage with Apples – good to accompany Pork / Gammon

Creamed Spinach – with a hint of garlic and nutmeg

Baked Butternut – tossed with olive oil, lightly flavoured with garden herbs

Butternut cubes – done with crumbled feta and pumpkin seeds

Oven-baked Butternut – done with cinnamon & honey

Ratatouille – baby marrow done with tomatoes, sweet peppers, brinjals & onion

Baby marrow – done with a mushroom cream sauce

Spiced Beetroot – flavored with coriander, allspice & garlic (suggested to accompany Fish / Pork)

Roasted vegetable medley – mixed vegetables basted with a sun-dried tomato & olive oil dressing

Baby Gems with a creamy sweet corn filling – topped with melted cheese – SEASONAL  (for 40 guests or less ONLY)

Seasoned corn off the cob – with a butter sauce

Mint Peas

Peas & fresh sliced carrots

Peas & corn off the cob with butter

All items listed are subject to seasonal availability


Country Fresh Malva Pudding –using a family favourite recipe passed down

Annie’s Baked Apple Charlotte – with a rich Crème Anglaise.

Sticky Chocolate brownies (served warm) – with  Vanilla infused Ice Cream DEEP-FREEZE REQUIRED

Traditional Milk tart & cream – garnished with a syrupy koeksister

Lemon meringue pie

Petit pots of Peppermint tart

Baked Lemon cheesecake with a berry coulis

Italian Tiramisu – using freshly ground coffee beans & liquer to drench biscuits, dusted with cocoa

Old-fashioned Sherry trifle – served with custard & cream

Fresh fruit salad with Cream/Ice cream *DEEP FREEZE REQUIRED 

Ice cream and chocolate sauce, garnished with a wafer biscuit *DEEP-FREEZE REQUIRED

Individual Apple crumbles served with whipped cream

A duo of white and dark chocolate mousses served in jam jars and topped with blackberry compote

Individual Crème Brule

A phyllo beggar’s purse filled with cinnamon pear and currant compote and served on a berry coulis with a duo of profiteroles

A tower of profiteroles alternately filled with Amarula and Kahlua creams, drizzled with dark and milk chocolate